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ROADKINGS Infotech is a fleet Management Solution Services. Logistics is the greatest challenging field when it comes to business. As it requires lots of things to be taken care of. However, we as a company present to you the mobile application wherein we provide features and services from schools, Hospitals, and large-scale coal and mining industries.Fleet Tracking is a modernized and most efficient way to track down vehicles and their activities. It is a management system that uses GPS tracking to monitor the fleet activities of asset vehicles like trucks, buses, etc. It is designed to overcome the challenges of routing, fuel investment, and keeping the drivers onboard record.

Fleet Tracking works on one key element stated as GPS Method. This process tracks down a series of activities by direction and speed of the vehicle. By using satellite and cellular technology this software helps to record, store and monitor vehicles for various operations. Along with Artificial Intelligence, this process works wonders to completely up the fleet tracking process game.

We as a team intend to provide the best tracking solutions. We have a dedicated team working to provide you with accurate records with useful and a handful of features.

Customers are sure to be impressed with the variety of options to choose from different services along with a variety of fields. From coal mines to small businesses. The roadkings have set up the standards by giving the best communication services which build reliable connectivity. Their efficient efforts have provided the customers with total assistance. The innovative and creative brand with a bush of qualified technicians. They also will help people build their business with improvisation and effective outputs.

Their software is not only safe and secure but provides vehicle security with accurate reports to look for. It’s really worth investing in such a system where it is easy to build and install. Well, surely all the above services with such multiple options are bound to raise the question of pricing ?. Although looked after, their price plans are jaw-dropping. The customer not only has options to choose and browse the plan but also gets free trials.

Live Tracking Process

What Does Tracking Do?

Tracking is the emerging world in the present era to keep track and record of various activities going through different sectors. This technology is adopted by 36 million people all over the world.

The logistics come to the highest level where tracking is being used. Every day fleet managers around the world add GPS to work tracking their mobile vehicles and other heavy vehicles. So by tracking they get the data that can be recorded and used for cost-cutting.

The main functionality of a GPS-based tracking system is from the use of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network. This network sends microwave signals to all the GPS devices installed in vehicles and mobiles to be tracked.

The Tracking Process

First, the tracking device is installed to gather all sorts of information including speed, idle time, diagnostics, etc. It uses GPS satellites to know the vehicle or equipment’s location at all times. The data which is obtained by the tracker is stored in the form of a cellular network that provides and acts as a storage cloud. This allows the user to access the data through various devices

The basic information is usually used for real-time tracking. The location of the vehicle, fuel management, and time management.The one-stop solution for employee attendance, automated reports, and alerts that require attention.

What All System Can Track?

The tracking is used for various business activities but the majority in speeding, fuel management, attendance, employee work report, GPS tracking is virtually everywhere from mobile phones to aircraft to ships. Most commonly this GPS tracking is used in fleet management. We the roadkings provide the best tracking from coal mines to logistics.

What is Fuel Management?

If you are into the fleet service business, there is no doubt that fuel management is the biggest responsibility in controlling the fuel cost for the entire operation. Fuel monitoring is an important part of the fleet management system, it will help fleet managers to reduce the huge bite fuel consumption in the operations.

Your fleet depends on fuel as you must have a management system to track and monitor fuel expenditure and cost. The software is designed to effectively manage the use of fuel within the logistics business.

How Does a Fuel Management System Work?

Fuel management system works on GPS technology and IT generates various types of data graphs based upon the distance traveled by the vehicle from point X to point Y. This data provided will help to build insights of business owners which help them to identify various technical pitfalls. It provides you specific information about fuel consumption.

In conclusion, the fuel management system provides you with accurate data like cost per distance and helps in operational cost.

Benefits of Using Fuel Management System

Roadkings offers a complete range of services, our fuel management system will allow you to monitor, and control access to fuel. Below are few benefits of the fuel management system :-

  • Data Accuracy - The data that is driven by the fleet and determines the amount of fuel consumed by vehicles. Therefore, you can also save the data for succeeding analysis.
  • Fuel Efficiency - It will improve fuel efficiency as you can track vehicle and driver directions. Active driving routes are necessary for the cost-effective decisions of the company.
  • Fuel Theft - Fuel theft is one of the big issues in the logistics industry. The fuel monitoring system can also reduce fuel theft. You can not only record fuel consumption but will also improve fleet-related solutions.
  • Automated Reports - The automatic error report tool is really helpful if you have a lot of user data. Fuel management software will also help you in keeping the track of the fuel level along with fuel consumption.
  • Save Fuel with Maintenance - The older the vehicle and amount of time spent on the road, the more challenges it faces. Route optimization helps in the overall maintenance and servicing costs by keeping vehicle usage.

Optimizing Driver Behavior for Fuel Savings

One of the difficult areas for improvement is driving behavior. Aggressive driving, harsh braking are among the drivers of the common behavior found with.

Roadkings can help Fleet Managers to identify whether a driver is driving beyond the speed limit, harsh driving resulting in fuel-wasting behavior.